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Hounds Around Town – Street Art and Daisy

I am beginning to work on my Shelter Dogs and Street Art series in earnest, but I wanted to share a shoot I did with my dog, Daisy.  Daisy was not from a shelter, but from a responsible breeder. (I had been volunteering at the shelter for a few years when we got Daisy, but at the time we were looking for another dog, Doodles weren’t seen too often in the shelter, and my husband had his heart set on another Doodle.  Things have changed, and there are Doodles a-plenty – along with every other type of dog you could be looking for – at shelters, and our latest Doodle, Bellatrix, is a shelter dog.  And she will be featured in an upcoming post from this series.)  Daisy had her street art adventure as part of her Quality Time With Mom (with three dogs, I try to give each one individual adventure time), and she helped me check out some street art in Salt Lake City.

I am actively looking for dogs to be a part of this project.  If you have a rescue dog, are a shelter or rescue volunteer, or just want to help promote adoptable dogs while exploring some street art in northern Utah, contact me!  There is no charge to you, and you will get some photographic prints for your time and participation, as well as my undying gratitude!

Black goldendoodle in front of mural of giant squid in the city of South Salt Lake.

Daisy is used to having a camera in her face, and she wasn’t fazed by the angler fish behind her!

Mural: Giant Squid

Location: West Temple and Bowers Way, Salt Lake City

Artist: Dan Toro (@ziggaziggah)

Mural: Juicy Flavorssss

Location: 2255 S W Temple St, South Salt Lake City (Beehive Distilling)

Artist: Atentamente


The goal of this project is to bring attention to the types of dogs that are available in local animal shelters (and again, while Daisy didn’t come from a shelter,  Doodles like Daisy are available at animal shelters and rescues, ready for the furever homes) while also highlighting street art in northern Utah. If you would like your dog (or dogs) to be featured in the Street Art and Shelter Dogs project, contact me and tell me that you would like to be part of this project. Your dogs do NOT have to sit or pose to be part of this project; they can run, jump, walk or otherwise move (or be carried!) for the photos.

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