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Embrace Summer While It Lasts!

I won’t lie, I like Fall, and there are time in my non-air conditioned house when I’m ready to be done with Summer. So, when my husband and I were out on our daily walk with our dogs, Daisy, Lucy-Fur and Bellatrix, guess what I noticed? One or two leaves are already changing color! Yup, those cheeky little splashes of gold and red are peeking out amongst the green. Fall’s sending us a “Hey, how ya doin’?” from around the corner.  And then all of a sudden, all I could think is that I want to hold on to summer for a while longer!


Fall is wonderful, it truly is. The crunching leaves underfoot, the soft glow of the setting sun on the fiery treetops, the comfortable sweater weather, and of course, the continuation of those treasured walks with my four-legged friends. Yet, these first signs of change are less a celebration of what’s to come and more a gentle nudge to appreciate the here and now. It’s like nature’s way of telling us, “Hold on a second, summer’s still here, enjoy it while it lasts.”

So, here’s my little piece of advice to you, dear friends: next time you’re out and about, take a moment to notice those early signs of fall, but also allow them to remind you to bask in the glory of summer. Whether you’re out with your dogs, family, or just taking a solo stroll, let those first hints of color be a reminder to squeeze every last drop of joy out of this season. After all, it’s not about rushing to what’s next, but embracing and cherishing what’s right in front of us. Happy walking!

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