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Shelter Dogs and Street Art – Azeri

I’ve started working on a personal project that is fulfilling and exciting.  Volunteering for Salt Lake County Animal Services by photographing adoptable pets is one of the driving forces behind my business – my business helps me keep my equipment in excellent shape, it lets me upgrade equipment as I need it, and, of course, make sure we’ve got lots of treats and toys (and props) to engage the dogs so we can photograph their personalities.  Good photos make it easier for dogs to get adopted, and the way I make my little corner of the world a bit better is to help dogs find their fur-ever homes.  

When I heard that Salt Lake County Animal Services was doing a ‘Hounds Around Town’ program, where volunteers get dogs out of the kennels and take them on adventures I thought this would be a great opportunity to get photographs of dogs when they are a bit more relaxed.  Anything from getting a puppaccino to going on a hike or getting a bath or a long walk, or just about anything else that is fun for the dogs and gets them out of the kennel is a Hounds Around Town adventure. 

During the pandemic I discovered the wealth of street art (murals, graffiti, and other stuff) in Salt Lake City, and fell in love with the art. It’s accessible to everyone, and is so varied and beautiful. I alway feel like I’ve discovered hidden treasure when I come around a corner and see a mural – even if I know that the mural is there, seeing it in person is always exciting.


So, I suggested to some of the volunteers with the Hounds Around Town program that maybe we could get photographs of some of the shelter dogs using street art as backgrounds, highlighting shelter dogs while also showing off amazing street art.  And thus my idea for Shelter Dogs and Street Art was born.  This project is still in its infancy, but I am really looking forward to building this out.  South Salt Lake City sponsors a Mural Fest every Spring, and I’m looking forward to photographing new murals and current murals, meet some of the artists, and, of course, help shelter dogs get adopted!

Great dane puppy in front of mural of Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City

Dog: Azeri; Great Dane ~6 months old

Mural: Wasatch Front

Location: 2132 S Richards St.

Artist: Chris Peterson Studio (@chrispetersonstudio)

Dog: Azeri

Mural: Giant Squid

Location: W Temple and Bowers Way, SaltFire Brewing Co.

Artist: Dan Toro (@ziggaziggah)

And yes, Azeri was well-rewarded with a puppaccino for her modeling efforts!

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