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Shelter Dogs and Street Art – Brodie

First, let me officially welcome you to TimePunk Pet Photography, where I’m aiming to bring the quirky fun of steampunk together with a fascination for time travel, and living in the now, knowing that we can always revisit the past! Welcome and enjoy! You can always reach out to me at any time with questions or to learn more about my pet and people photography.


Now, on the Shelter Dogs and Street Art shoot I did with Brodie.  Brodie’s Mom is a volunteer at Salt Lake County Animal Services, and together we had done one of these sessions for a senior dog in the shelter.  Having heard about Brodie, I knew I wanted to go some place new and different!  We went to FUTSAL801 in the Granary District in Salt Lake City, around 100 South and 600 West. 

 There a cool variety of  “traditional” graffiti, and graffiti art.  Our first stop was Kyle Holbrook’s Peace Fingers, with the ‘stop gun violence’ message 

Black and white pitbull in front of street art of peace fingers in Salt Lake City

We then moved around the building to see the mural with Messi and Ronaldinho. The art on this bulding is always evolving, so the two soccer stars are being taken over by new graffiti art!

Black and white pitbull in parking lot in front of mural and graffiti depicting soccer starts Messi and Ronaldinho
Then we move around the next wall of graffiti art.  This wall had caught my attention when I had done the sessions with Romeo and Swiper and I wanted to come back and check it out. These aliens are hilarious!
Black and white pitbull dog against mural of round green aliens doing different activities

This wall actually has 3 sections of art on it, so we moved on to the next bit. 

Blue green colorful graffiti art with black and white pitbull dog sitting in front of street art mural.

The final section of the wall was also quite beautiful, and Brodie did a great job of  “posing for snacks”!

Photograph of black and white large senior pitbull in front of purple and green graffiti art
We’ve had a long, wet winter, and this was one of the first nice, truly Spring days we had had, and Brodie was a rockstar through the entire session.  He did great, even with some construction on the street behind us, and people walking by.   The artwork on this building is always evolving and I’m so glad Brodie and his Mom and I were able to get out and get some photographs of it in its current stage!   Final note: I always try to include artist information when I can, but other than Kyle Holbrook with the Peace Fingers, I wasn’t able to identify artists from the tags. I’m still working on that, and will update this when/if I learn who the artists are!   If you are interested in learning about these Street Art Signature Sessions, check out thesessions page or contact me directly for more information!

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