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Shelter Dogs and Street Art – Gary and Austin

Meet Gary and Austin! 

These two boys and their parents met up with me on Historic Main Street in Midvale, Utah to check out some of the murals created during Midvale’s Main Street Mural Festival last summer. It was the exact opposite of summer when we met – so cold that at one point I could barely feel my finger on the shutter release.  I honestly don’t know when I’ve ever been that cold before, and I was a ski instructor so I’ve been pretty cold at times!  Anyway, because it was so cold, we stuck to murals that were in the sun, and the boys didn’t ever take off their jackets because it was COLD!  (Did I mention that it was cold?  *grin*)


This first mural of the colorful crane was great because we had lots of sun, and lots of space.  (And seriously, how adorable is that little pom on the top of Austin’s jacket?)

The boys has both mastered the head tilt, too, which was awesome!

Gary is such a handsome boy!


Artist: Matt Monsoon @mattmonsoon.art or https://www.monsoonartworks.com/

Location: 7583 S. Main St., Midvale


The Historic Midvale mural was the next stop on our list (again, in the sun).

Because there wasn’t a lot of sun on the far side of the street, I could only get bits of the mural, so here’s a larger view:

Artist: Gerry Swanson @silentswanart  http://www.silentswanart.com/

Location: 7640 South 2nd Avenue, Midvale, Utah


The last mural we stopped at (before my hand froze to the camera!) was this beautiful Tongan design by Kalani Tonga

Artist: Kalani Tonga @kalanitonga.designs Kalani Tonga Art

Location: 1st Ave. and Main St., Midvale, Utah

Many thanks to Gary and Austin, and their parents for braving the cold temperatures with me!  I’m looking forward to seeing more of the murals when the weather is a bit warmer (20F would be fine; 12F not so much!)!

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