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Shelter Dogs and Street Art – Thor and Isabella

In the latest edition of Shelter Dogs and Street Art, I bring you Thor and Isabella.  Thor and Isabella were both adopted from Salt Lake County Animal Services when they were youngsters.  Now ~12 years old (Isabella) and ~10 years old (Thor), these two supermodels and their parents met me in South Salt Lake City to visit some of the murals in the area.  As it was another cold day (although not quite as cold as it was for Gary and Austin!) and Thor and Isabella are both short-haired doggies, we stuck to murals in the sun!


The first mural we visited was the Floral Portait.  Thor was a bit more comfortable with the camera than Isabella, so we started with him.  Because he has some food allergies, he had to put up with me making weird noises to convince him to look at the camera. I don’t think he really thought my noises sounded too much like chickens!

At first, Isabella would only let me get profile photos, but she’s a gorgeous girl from the side, too, so that was okay!

Floral Portrait

154 West Haven Avenue, Salt Lake City

Artist: Lindsay Huss (@lindsayhussart) https://lindsayhussart.com/


We then moved on to Seres Del Soul, which seemed appropriate, as we were searching for some sun, while nurturing our souls!  As this point, Thor was TOTALLY thrilled with the camera, and gave me his best ‘come hither’ looks!

As a more senior gal, and a princess (I get it!), Isabella didn’t really want to sit around on the cold pavement, so her Mom took her for a stroll.

After walking a bit, Isabella decided that the camera was definitely NOT going to steal her soul (or her ‘sol’!) and that she could sit and look enthusiastic!

Seres Del Soul
2284 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City
Artists: @secp256k1_ @hokzyn


We then moved on to the last mural of the morning, a brightly colored portrait done, I understand, to honor the artist’s son’s birthday. So, happy birthday, Rocky!

“The camera is not going to steal my soul. The camera is NOT going to steak my soul.  The camera is not going to steal my soul!” *grin*

For our loved one Rocky
22 West 2260 South, Salt Lake City
Bill Louis @biltslouisart


As always, many thanks to Thor, Isabella, and their parents, as well as to the amazing artists who have created these beautiful works in the Salt Lake area. I love that this art is so accessible, and so varied – in the area where we photographed Thor and Isabella there are at least 10 murals in a 3 block range, all by different artists, and all with very different styles.  It’s spectacular, and it’s so amazing to be able to experience this art with wonderful dogs (and their humans!)!

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