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Staff Photos for Mountain Dog Lounge

I love Mountain Dog Lounge! Not only am I a long-time client (they have groomed “generations” of my dogs), but I also have the honor of doing commercial photography work for them.  One of the most fun projects I do for them several times a year is staff + family photos.  With Mountain Dog Lounge’s grooming apprentice program, as well as the Day Academy program, the staff is expanding, and Tracy (the owner) likes to have updated staff photos, while also giving the staff opportunities to get photos of themselves with their pets and human family members.  

As someone who has to make sure that she has her own family photos taken every couple of years (and yes, with our newest family member, it’s getting time for more family photos!), I really love that Tracy makes it easy and fun for her staff to get regular photos of themselves (and their families) with their pets. 


The fall sessions were just breath-taking.  We managed to get pretty much peak Fall colors up Guardsman Pass for two weeks in a row (there are enough staff members – and enough different schedules – that we always try to schedule to sessions so we aren’t shooting midday, or in the dark!).

When we’ve got a little bit of time between sessions, I try to get a few photos of the dogs, as well. You can never have too many photos!

Staff/owner photos are one of the many commercial photographic services I provide to local, regional, and enterprise level businesses. If you are interested in photos of your staff (or if you are sole proprietor, photos of yourself), products in action, or photographs for social media/blog posts for your pet-related business, reach out to me by email liz@lizdranowphotography.com or phone, 801-712-3200 for custom packages specific to you and your business.

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