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The Best of 2023

Time for the Best of 2023.  The end of the year/the beginning of the new year is always a calendar-imposed time for reflection, and review.  I’ll get to the review here shortly.  As for the reflection, I had my big deep thinking/what-do-I-want-to-focus-on moment in December, when I was a feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I wanted to do, the stuff I needed to do, and the stuff I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to keep doing it.  Luckily, with good mentors, friends and a lot of contemplation, I was able to find some clarity and define some ‘commitments’ I want to focus on.  (I like the word ‘commitments’ much better than goals. I think it allows for a bit more flexibility in measurement.) 

Anyway, I have decided that in 2024, I’m really going to focus on photography education.  I have returned to studying the technical fundamentals, and want to learn how to translate them into more creative, technically sounds photographs.  So, in the next year or several, I’ll be working with mentors to further develop my photography skills, how I see things, and how I can take creative idea that I have and turn them into reality.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, and maybe as a starting point, here are some of my favorite photographs from 2023 (in no particular order).

1. So. Much. Snow  Last year’s crazy snow year was great for getting me to try to think about how to visually represent the vast quantities of snow we received.

2. All The Tennis Balls! When a client says they take their dog to the tennis courts and throw balls for her, and asks if I could possibly get some photos of that, how could I say no? There is nothing like having a barrage of tennis balls – and a ball-happy dog coming at you – to make for a wonderful day!

3. Flying Snow Zoomies, Part 1 & 2 I love snow zoomies; the obvious joy my dogs get in flying around in the snow is entertaining to no end, and whenever I can really capture a sense of the enthusiasm, I’m thrilled.

4. When the Mountains Don’t Block the View

5. Ear Flappage This photograph includes two of my favorite things: backlighting and flapping ears!

6. #NotADogPhoto While I primarily photograph dogs, I am not a dog-only photographer – I love photographing all family pets, including birds, reptiles, and yes, cats.  This particular cat (and her family) came up to Park City to see me for my re-branding party this Spring. 

7. A Corgi in a Sweater Because why not?

8. Award-winning photography This was one of a couple of my photos this last year that won prizes at local and international competitions. It also inspired me to study studio photography more seriously. I’ve  just finished a live course in studio pet photography, so there may be more of this!

9. Best Friends. One of a number of great shots from a beautiful session in Heber this fall. I loved the connection between Mom and dog.

10. Cujo Of course you name a 10lb one-eyed dog Cujo.  He and his Mom were part of the start of my Shelter Dogs and Street Art project. I will be returning to this project in 2024, and will be looking for dog models to help me photograph the amazing murals in the Salt Lake valley area.

If you are interested in participating in the Shelter Dogs and Street Art project and have an adopted dog, contact me to get on the list to hear about model calls before I announce them to the general public. 

I am really looking forward to the several projects I have planned for this year, and will be looking for models for both the Shelter Dogs and Street Art project, and for a themed project that will have different challenges every two weeks, starting in May.  Contact me if your dog is a supermodel (and trust me, every dog is a supermodel!). 

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